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Hypnotherapy service In Delhi . Reiki Healing in Delhi

Hypnotherapy service In Delhi . Reiki Healing in Delhi

The hypnotherapist at the Hypnotherapy Centre, Delhi, India is like a guide who facilitates the hypnotic process by a special process called the hypnotic induction which is an effective Hypnotherapy Technique

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Reiki Healing South Delhi

Reiki Healing South Delhi

There are two main branches of Reiki- Jikiden Reiki (traditional Japanese reiki) and western reiki. Reiki Teaching has reached India too! Indian Branches for Reiki are Reiki HealingDelhi and Reiki Healing, South Delhi. Though reiki as energy is the same, it’s only the approach which makes the difference. The primary difference is the westernized form use systematic hand positions rather than relying on an intuitive sense of hand positions which is commonly used by Japanese reiki branches. Both branches commonly have three degrees as the first, second and masters/teachers level.
Reiki is passed on from the teacher to the students by a special process called the Reiki Attunement. Be it any school either western or Japanese, reiki really works.


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Llewellyn Tarot Delhi

All the powerful magicians, priestesses,fierce warriors and fair maidens come to life in theLlewellyn Tarot which is based upon the myths, legends and culture of medieval Wales. When you come to Llewellyn Tarot, Delhi, I make sure it adds additional layers of meaning to these powerful images.


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Reiki Servcie in South Delhi

Reiki Servcie in South Delhi


Reiki has a Japanese origin. It means ‘Universal Life Force’ or ‘Universal Energy’.Reiki Healing was rediscovered in Japan by a Japanese Buddhist monk,Dr Mikao Usui in early 1900.’Rei’ means universal consciousness and ‘ki’ means life force energy so reiki is actually ‘spiritually guided life force energy’.


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Reiki Classes , Tarot Reading South Delhi/India

Reiki Classes , Tarot Reading South Delhi/India

 Reiki classes, Delhi and South Delhi,I teach the western reiki, a special reiki attunement is given to the students after which they have access to this energy. A 21day self-healing reiki treatment is advised for the students; this really helps their bodies to detoxify and gives them an experiential feeling of the energy.
Reiki Teaching gives me an internal bliss too!
After the 21day period, students can take the level 2 reiki attunement where they would be introduced to the symbol.


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